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Healthy Holidays

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Being on holidays sometimes comes with the challenges of staying healthy. Eating out more than usual, catching bugs on planes or dealing with the stress of a long family drive can all lead to a few health issues. So what can we do to give ourselves the best chance of not getting sick and enjoying the ride.

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Stay hydrated - whether your going on a beach retreat, flying or sitting for hours in the car, don't forget to stay hydrated. Pack drink bottles for everyone, fill an esky with ice blocks to keep things cold and replenish your water bottle regularly. Staying hydrated will help to prevent dehydration whilst flying or in air conditioning so you arrive at your destination more refreshed and energised rather than tired and grumpy. If you are on a plane avoid bubbly drinks and alcohol that can lead to further dehydration. Your skin will love you for it as well.

Moisturise - for those with dry skin issues an atomiser, such as rose water or Avene spray, can help with the dry air on flights or using a moisturiser on the skin every hour will help to keep it hydrated.

Stretch and move - if you are traveling for long distances in a car, factor in stops so everyone can get out and stretch the legs. This will prevent a sore back, keep you more focused on the road once your back behind the wheel and give kiddos a chance to burn off some energy between stops. If flying walk around when you can or do some of those stretches that are in the handbook on the plane you never read! I've been known to do some yoga moves in the airplane kitchen area when the lights are dark.

Plan your sleep - Arriving at your destination tired and fatigued can put a negative spin on the beginning of the trip. To help arrive refreshed try to sleep on flights at the allocated 'night time' to get in sync to avoid jetlag. Taking melatonin can help with jetlag by helping to sync with the new times. Take your favourite pillow with you, some lavender to calm and perhaps some herbal tea bags to help with sleeping in strange beds. I recently used Australian Bush Flowers Travel essence spray and essential oil on a long haul flight and recovery was pretty good at the other end compared to my fellow traveller.

Prepare your meals - if you are day tripping make sure you can access some healthy travel foods rather than relying on foods from the petrol stations. Take bags of nuts, cut up veggie sticks, fruit and popcorn. with the air fryer fad in full swing you can make your own dehydrated fruit which is easy for transport, think apple, kiwi fruit or strawberries. Prepare sandwiches or wraps before you leave for the day so you don't have to rely on snack foods. Overseas there are many convenience stores that you can get pre-made salads, packets of nuts, yogurts and protein shakes so you don't always have to get take away foods. Even with only a kettle and a tiny fridge in a hotel room you can make a healthy breakfast before you head out for the day - boiled eggs cooked in the kettle (yes this is a thing I only learnt recently) , yogurt with nuts & fruit.

Be wary of germs - when in airports and on planes there is always a plethora of bugs around. Eating foods that your stomach may not be used to can also lead to a few issues with the immune system so be prepared. Prepare the immune system before you go with Zinc, Vitamin D, Saccharomyces with a probiotic, Vitamin C, Echinacea to allow for a strong immunity for whatever comes your way. Take these away with you so you can be on top of any bug that gets you.

I love to travel with my Essential Oils so that I have something to help calm the body to improve sleep, one for the immune system and to keep the bugs away (also good if its in a spray to clear any nasty smell or bugs from a less than desirable hotel stay), one to help with healthy airways to improve nasal congestion or a cough and another for digestion support, for all that overindulgence.

Enjoy your holidays, and may it be a great adventure whatever you do.

In health & happiness,


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