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Surviving the Silly Season...

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Christmas can be a stressful time of year. The busy end of school period, the trying to catch up with everyone before Christmas, get the house sorted for visitors and find gifts that everyone appreciates. Our diet and exercise regime can go out the window and this in turn can lead to feeling fatigued, stressed and over whelmed! So what can we do....?

  1. Try to maintain regular exercise. If you are not going to the gym, walk with the kids after dinner, exercise in the pool or set up an area at home for some weights or yoga. This will not only help support stress, but help with any unwanted weight gain over the silly season.

  2. Reduce the stress away by not trying to complete EVERYTHING by Christmas - it seems to be a deadline that just leads to higher stress and is really un-necessary. I've been there, trying to have a whole kitchen renovated before 30 people came for Christmas lunch and it was not fun at all.

  3. Avoid stressful situations and people if you can. If this is unavoidable support the body with some essential oils or flower essences to help disperse the negative vibes. Frankincense or Lavender is calming and balancing. Diffuse in the home or place a few drops into the palms of your hands and deep breathe 3 times. Using something like Bach Rescue remedy before heading into situations that make you feel uncomfortable can help.

  4. We often try to catch up with everyone around Christmas, but we have 365 days of the year to catch up. It can be nice to organise something with friends in November or even after Christmas when its not so crazy.

  5. If Stress comes from all the gift buying then look at alternative ways - look at Secret Santa gifting with big families rather than buying small gifts for everyone, or look at making gifts or buying experiences that you can all enjoy together, rather than a gift that may not really be needed. We really do often buy for the sake of buying a gift that a person may not even need.

  6. Make sure you are getting quality sleep with a herbal tea at night - lack of sleep leads to increased stress hormone cortisol and this can lead to higher anxiety and fatigue. Taking some Magnesium powder with glycine or herbal Withania or Passionflower can helps to nourish the nervous system to help you cope the silly season.

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