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Winter Skin Care

Updated: Jul 16

Is you skin suffering in the cold as much as you are this Winter? Looking like you have inherited a crocodiles legs? This time of the year I see so many people suffering form dry & itchy skin. After a quick chat it can often be a simple fix with a few easy changes in diet and lifestyle to get some results.


Keep hydrated. In the colder months we often forget to drink as much due to it not been hot. We sweat whilst we exercise, while we sleep under all those hot blankets and while we sit in an air conditioned office. It is just as important to keep our fluids up during the Winter as we do in the Summer. Having a thermos of hot water with lemon & ginger on you desk, drinking bone broth or soups and swapping out all the coffee & hot chocolate with herbal teas. Maintaining hydration of the whole body will help keep the skin hydrated as well.

Avoid the long hot shower

I know, I know ! This is hard in the depths of Winter but remember that those long hot showers are actually dehydrating your skin. The hot water can decrease the natural protective oils and proteins on the skin leading it more susceptible to damage, and the loss of more heat form the skin. The long, hot shower or bath makes us sweat which again leads to more water loss from the skin. So keep the water warm not steaming and if you suffer from skin conditions keep the showers short.

Protect yourself from the wind

I know that when I have been in the cold wind my eyes look so puffy & my skin is so 'old' looking. This is due to that damage that the wind has caused to the skin. The protective oils are gone and your skin becomes so damaged and dehydrated. If you need to go out in the wind use a thicker moisturiser rather than a thin lotion for protection and use clothing such as scarves and hoods to offer some protection.


It is often best to swap to a different type of moisturiser for Winter, compared to what you would use in Summer. It may need to be thicker and more oil based for the protection of the skin from cold and wind, whereas in Summer often we need something lighter (with sunscreen of course) so the skin can breathe better and the skin doesn't clog from sweat.

Cleanse gently

Be gentle when you cleanse the skin. Do not use anything too harsh that strips all the natural oils from the skin, otherwise you are stripping off the protective layer. I use to love that 'clean' feel on my skin but realise it was getting rid of all those essential fatty acids needed for my skin so swapping to a gentle cream cleanser I know I am cleaning my face but nourishing it at the same time..

So remember that even though we are mostly covered up in Winter, it is just as important for skin care as Summer. We still sweat due to heavier clothing and warm bed coverings, we have dry air due to the heaters and air conditioners, we taken longer & hotter showers and often reduce our fluid intake.

So keep up the warm liquids, lots of healthy fats and moisturise to protect and rehydrate the skin.

In health & happiness,


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