Childrens Health
Babies and Children are not little adults and treatment of their health conditions is different. Looking at family history, health history as well as diet and lifestyle can give us an insight into why they may be suffering health conditions. It may be gut related issues such as colic, tummy aches or constipation, or issues such as anxiety or sleep disturbances. These can all be addressed with the help of gentle supplements and diet changes.
Detoxification is a natural process in the body to help in the breakdown and elimination of environmental, dietary and internally created toxins that we are exposed to every day. If you feel constantly tired, inflamed, suffer allergies, have difficulty losing weight or have reproductive issues, these may be signs that your body is not coping with its toxic load. An individulised detoxification program may help you to get your health back on track.
Everybody needs to move for health. Whether its walking, high intensity training or yoga exercise is important for both physical and mental health. When high intensity training, whether it is teenagers or adults, the body needs to be replenished and nourished to help maintain energy, immune and cellular health. When exercising excessively this can impact the stress hormones and immune system so diet and supplements need to be chosen carefully.
Womens Health
Women often suffer quietly with health concerns. This may be related to hormone imbalance, stress and anxiety, insomnia, pain and inflammation, low energy, headaches and gut issues. Taking some time to find the cause for these issues is essential so women can go back to feeling great and able to feel they can tackle life, family and work commitments to their full capacity.
Skin Conditions
The skin is such an important organ that acts as a barrier over the entire body. Many people suffer from skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, acne and rosacea that can be debilitating and affect peoples whole lives. Topical treatments and other medications often only give temporary relief. By using a treatment that looks for the underlying cause of the condition and treating that, the focus is then on making diet and lifestyle changes to obtain long term relief.
Mens Health
Men often do not look after their health until they are really ill and taking time for them to evaluate what they can change can make a big difference in energy, reproductive health and immune function.
Stress is a natural response by the body to cope with change. This can be physical or emotional stressors that the body then needs to restore homeostasis. When the body is in a constant stress state this can lead inflammation, poor immune function, impaired digestion, hormonal imbalances and reduced sleep quality. By helping the body to reduce the impact that stress is having on the body can help to restore health and harmony both physically and mentally. This can lead to improved sleep, restored energy and a general feeling of wellness. We can not always remove stress from our lives but we can help the way the body responds to it.
Digestion & Weight Loss
The digestive system is so important for the breakdown of our food, the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of waste. The health of the digestive system is essential for health of the whole body and disturbances and damage can lead to food intolerance, allergies, poor immunity, fatigue, hormonal issues and even our mental well-being. By improving the health of the digestive system many health conditions can be improved.
Not all weight loss is about less food and more exercise. It is about hormonal health, detoxification, the correct way to eat and the right type of exercise for an individual. It is not always a one size fits all approach.
7-8 hours of good quality sleep per night is essential for good energy, less stress and brain fog, less cravings for sweet and salty foods, weight loss and mental health. When we sleep is also when the cells of our bodies repair and rebuild. Many factors can lead to poor sleep patterns and each person may need an individual approach.
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