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Blackberry and Lemon Detox


Kirsty Lakstins-Adams


Tele-health is now available for all consultations

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Naturopath Canning Vale
Meet Kirsty...
Hi I’m Kirsty,

A Naturopath who loves to support people with their health, and I am especially passionate about helping those with skin conditions. I believe in finding the triggers underlying your health problems, and resolving them with natural solutions.  Whether that’s skin conditions, stress, anxiety or hormonal health,  I approach health and nutrition simply. 

It’s my goal to keep things achievable, practical and sustainable so you can live a healthy and happy life.


Chances are you have seen multiple specialists already, but if you want an alternative approach that stops masking or suppressing your symptoms and helps to treat the root cause, you need a personalised consultation with a practitioner who has the time to listen to you and understand your unique health situation.   


If this sounds like you then you’re in the right place.  I’m here to give you the practical tools, guidance and nutritional support to achieve your health goals.

How can Naturopathy help you?

If you really want to take charge of your health, it is important to understand the root cause of why you have become unwell. A naturopath spends time investigating all areas of your health including digestion, immune function, nutritional status, medical history, diet, lifestyle and stress response in order to provide you with a suitable treatment plan.


Consultations are done in clinic and this involves discussing all the symptoms you are experiencing in detail.  You will then be asked questions in relation to your  digestion and elimination,  stress, sleep and mood, reproductive health and so on.  Your health history, current medication and health status, nutritional deficiencies as well as diet and lifestyle will be discussed.


Further investigation such as blood tests, hair mineral analysis, hormonal saliva testing and questionnaires may be needed to get a better evaluation of health and underlying factors leading to symptoms. 

An individual treatment plan will be discussed and follow up consultations are usually within two weeks. Plans may consist of diet and lifestyle changes, herbal medicine, vitamin and mineral supplements and homeopathic medicine.


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What people say....

I'm bursting with happiness...

I was getting to desperation point with all the flaking, itching and redness on my scalp.  Kirsty prescribed me a cream, shampoo, vitamins and tweaked my diet.  The care from Kirsty is outstanding.  After two weeks the flakes have all but disappeared, the itching has reduced and so has the redness. I can not believe the difference.  I feel so great and bursting with happiness.



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0402 351 876


located inside Canning Healthcare

4/259 Bannister Road Canning Vale 6155

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