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Rest & Recovery

Do you need some rest and recovery from life stressors. Whether this is due to family commitments, work pressures or just overwhelm and being too busy then some practices that you can put in place can help you to decrease the negative impact of stress on your body.

We all need stress, I know that sounds strange as we are always made to think that stress is a negative things but without any stress we can become lethargic, bored, unfocused, lack any direction and purpose. When stress is to high we can feel anxious and obsessive, depressed, panicky and even stuck & overwhelmed. To find that healthy balance can keep us energised, able set and accomplish goals, give us the ability to learn and grow and keeps us interested in what we are doing.

When the pressure is high we need to chance to rest and recover - so how do we do this to keep the momentum going strong. If we have too much of the high stressors then cortisol and adrenaline can increase and this can lead to muscle loss, weight/fat gain, poor sleep, lowered immune system and as well and sex hormone fluctuations and blood sugar imbalances (cravings!).

Practice activities that support our 'calming' para-sympathetic nervous system.

  • Getting outdoors - this lowers our stress hormones, gets us some Vitamin D and improves blood flow and circulation

  • Getting some morning sunlight helps to activate the brain to wake up for the day - so have your morning cuppa in the garden or at least open up the blinds to the sunlight each morning

  • Getting into nature - hiking in the hills or walking barefoot in the garden

  • Exercise such as yoga, swimming, non-competitive sports

  • Massage decreases muscle tightness, improves detoxification and improves the immune system but getting the lymphatics moving

  • Meditation

  • Laughing helps to decrease the stress hormone cortisol

  • Deep breathing stimulates the vagal nerve which activates the parasympathetic - calming- nervous system.

So after a stressful week at work instead of reaching for the bottle of wine perhaps look to going for a walk and then watching a funny movie with loved ones to help reduce that excess of stress hormones and balance the body ready for another busy week.

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