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Christmas time already?

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

When you realised that it is nearly Christmas and you have done NOTHING!

Christmas time can get very stressful but there are many things that can be put in place to decrease the anxiety.

1. You do not need to attend every single event that you are invited to. There is actually 365 days in the year, so we do not need to only catch up with people around Christmas and New Years, so add some catch up events with friends or family for other times during the year.

2. If gift giving is extremely stressful make 'time together' a gift with people. Some ideas that I think are great are - a yoga retreat together as a relaxing gift to each other and yourself (my sister- in-law and I did this for our birthdays this year - it was amazing!)

- dinner & a movie which make you organise a catch up and a night out

- a massage or facial may be something you do not treat your self to but if you gift this to someone and they gift the same back you it is a gift you will both love and you can go together.


3. If you need help to organise a Christmas event ASK! If people offer help ACCEPT IT! So often we take on tasks ourselves and then are too worn out to enjoy the end result. So when people offer to bring a plate say "Yes that would be great can you bring....?" It takes the pressure off you both physically and financially.

4. If you have small kids realise that the melt downs are often a result of being over excited, out of routine and full of sugar not because they wish to ruin your Christmas. So try to see things in the view of a child. Maybe throw a few extra naps in over the holidays - for adults as too. You could also have some Bach rescue remedy or lavender in your handbag for those times in need.

5. Often the catching up with family that we may not see that often can be stressful for some people. This can be due to split families, family feuds or even after the death of a loved one. Take this into consideration and prepare whether that is by talking to someone before Christmas, using some flower essences such as emergency essence before being in a hard situation or removing yourself from the situation entirely, this may be by not attending or changing venues that may be too hard to go to.

6. Christmas can get a bit expensive and this can lead to financial anxiety, especially in January when the credit card bill comes in. Organise with friends or family a Secret Santa where each person buys one gift for one person each instead of for everyone. Choose a gift that you can share and do things together such as movie tickets, dinner vouchers, theatre tickets or a park season pass. Use this time to get crafty or into the kitchen and make that pickle recipe that Nanna used to make (do it with Nanna if you can as that would be great time spent), or some bath salts or body scrub using what you already have in the pantry, use up old fabric or favourite old jumper for a great cushion covers. I love to up-cycle so this is a great way to save money on a heart felt gift. I do not think everything has to be brand new in a gift. One of my favourites is an antique tea pot my brother gave me one Christmas, as he saw it and knew I would love it.

7. Make Christmas feasts less stressful. This may be ditching the sit down formal lunch for a picnic at the river or a breakfast on Christmas morning. Ask all guests to bring something to contribute. It is okay to ask for something specific if that is what you need. It is also okay to have pre-made stuff. Preparation of a turkey can take a lot of time so buying that is done for you is a great time saver and stress reducer.

Enjoy the Silly season as it is called that for a reason, we have all year but are silly to think that every thing needs to be done by Christmas and every catch up needs to be done in the month of December.

In health and happiness


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