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I don't have time for that ....

Do you see the the posts for self care and looking after yourself that are not on your to do list because you just don't have time. Do you roll your eyes when they say 'you have to make time for you' and your just thinking, but where is that time?? Self care does not always have to be a long bubble bath, journaling each evening or an hour of meditation each day. It is the small things we do every day that accumulate to make the difference.

  1. Wake feeling anxious about the day ahead? Wake each morning and speak a positive thought to your self instead of thinking in a negative way of all the things that need to be done. Place post it notes of positive things on the mirror for each morning.

  2. Fell stressed in the morning? Take a few deep breaths before drinking your morning cuppa.

  3. Don't pray? - Give gratitude before a meal, eat slowly and enjoy the flavour of what is in front of you. Give thanks for the food on the table, the people with you or something in your day.

  4. Don't like the idea of journaling - Talk to yourself out loud in the car to move through your problems or things you would journal

  5. Cant sit still to meditate for an hour per day - Listen to a meditation before sleep each night. Even if you fall asleep you will still be listening to it as you sleep and take this in sub-consciously. If you don't like the voices on mediations listen to some calming music.

  6. Cant make it to the beautician for a facial -Pop a face mask on while you watch a movie, or pop your feet in a bucket of warm water with magnesium salts, essential oils & marbles (for the foot massage)

  7. Have not got the time for a girls weekend away? Organise a breakfast catch up on a more regular basis, start a book club and catch up via a zoom link - you can still enjoy your cheese & wine whilst on zoom!

  8. No time for date night? make a picnic dinner and take it to the park so you can still chat while the kids play, exercise together or just make time to watch a movie together without phones or kids around.

There may not be time for day spas or weekends away, but if we make time for small things that are self-care then these all add up. Its not indulgent to care for yourself, if you don''t care for you then how can we care for others.

In health & happiness,


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