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New Year - New You?

Updated: Jan 12

Is this what you have been hearing for the last few weeks? Start the new year with a detox, start exercise regime, eat this healthy food, take this supplement.... blah blah blah. All these things are a great idea if we have the motivation to start them and then it can be even harder to stick to them. Often some of these 'New Years Resolutions' are easier to start in February, especially if you have kids and the daily routine is all over the place with the school holidays. So what is important?

Find what works for you. Not everyone has the time, dedication or motivation to start going to the gym 6 days per week. Work into your lifestyle what works for you. This might be a walk after dinner each night, 2 gym classes per week or a Saturday morning bike ride with the kids. What ever it is, it is more than your probably doing now, so just start! You can increase it once the small changes become a habit.

Are you up for a 7 day juice fast? Most people are not but, some changes that can be made -

Increasing your water intake to 2L per day is a great start. Reducing your coffee by half, substituting for green tea, coffee substitutes or lemon water. Substituting the nightly glass of wine or beer with a mocktail, herbal tea or soda water with lime.

Have you been looking at detox programs and they seem expensive or very daunting? Start you day with a big glass of warm water with lemon which helps with digestion and elimination. This helps you hydrate after an evening with the air conditioner on, in Summer, as well.

Eating wholegrains, vegetables and fruit for added fibre or take a fibre supplement to get those bowels moving and improve elimination of toxins. Remove the processed foods, alcohol and sugar to take the pressure off the liver so you can detoxify naturally.

Look at your environment to see what needs to change. Are you using toxic cleaning chemicals? Is your skin care or makeup natural and low in toxic load? Is your drinking water in need of filtering? Do you still drink out of plastic water bottles or microwave in plastic? These are all easy thing to start changing and will make a difference to your health over time.

Does your sleep need an overhaul? Many people do not get enough quality sleep and this can affect your mood, energy and immunity. Starting by reducing screens before bed. No more scrolling dog videos for hours before bedtime! Setting a strict sleep time and sticking to it. Try for before 10pm.

Look at your sleep environment. Avoid having electronics in the room, keep light dark and the room cool if you can, as this helps with deeper quality sleep. Avoid alcohol and sugar before bed-time as this can affect quality of sleep.

Find a new hobby or skill? Are you doing anything fun in your life? Is everything for the kids or work? Find a new hobby or learn a new skill. This can help you to take your mind off everyday stresses and be part of your self care plan. Anything that you do for yourself that gives you joy, or even takes you out of your comfort zone, can be rewarding. Maybe you have always wanted to paint or do pottery - you don't have to be good at it but it allows your creativity to be used. Many people start new hobbies or sports later in life, so age is also no barrier.

New years resolutions do not need to be difficult or complicated. Write a list of all the things that you know need to change and start by implementing one per week or even one per month. It does not need to happen all at once as these are healthy habits that should be part of every day life - not a detox!

In health & happiness,


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