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Supporting Healthy Skin

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Do you have a skin condition that is affecting your lifestyle? Do you avoid wearing short sleeves and shorts? Is your sleep affected by the itch? There are many factors that may be contributing to your condition and all the creams and topical washes in the world will not resolve the problem if you do not find the underlying cause of the skin issues.

The skin is the largest organ in your body and its function is to protect the inside of the body, eliminate toxins and regulate our body temperature. Millions of skin cells are shed every day and we completely regenerate new cells every month, which means we can see the benefits of health changes within a month or two.

The health of your skin is a reflection of what is going on the inside of the body whether it be poor diet, ineffective elimination of toxins or inflammation from stress. Finding the underlying cause and triggers for your skin condition is imperative to healing the skin for the long term rather than a quick fix.

You are what you eat? Well this is kind of true as what we eat does influence the condition of the skin. High histamine foods, foods and beverages that increase histamine or reduce histamine breakdown can lead to more itching, burning and redness. A lack of leafy greens can lead to lack of nutrients and higher acidity in the body which can drive inflammation. Food intolerance can influence digestive health and the immune system, leading to a cascade of events that flare the skin up.

Skin food? The food we need to eat for healthy skin contains essential vitamins, minerals and fats that can influence the health and integrity of the skin. Deep fried foods, sugar and alcohol can all lead to inflammation, poor healing and immune dysfunction leading to poor skin health.

Dehydrated? Not drinking enough water, drinking too many sugary drinks or consuming too much coffee can lead to dehydration. Not only will you feel fatigued but the skin will dry out making it more fragile and susceptible to damage and lead to excessive itching.

Detox time? Did you know that the skin is one of our biggest organs and it helps to eliminate toxins. This means if we live a life that is constantly adding toxins in but we are not eliminating them efficiently via the kidneys, bowels or lungs then it comes out through the skin. Do you poop every day? Do you use toxic chemicals on the skin or in the home? Do you breathe in polluted air? Your body may not be able to keep up with the elimination in the appropriate pathways so the skin is influenced negatively.

Are you stressed? Emotional stress can impact the skin due to stress hormones such as cortisol causing increased inflammation, poor digestion, depletion of essential nutrients needed for skin repair and can lead to an altered immune responses.

So if your skin is causing you distress, you may need to treat not only the outside but the inside as well.

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