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Travel First Aid

People often ask me what I take with me when I travel. My first aid kit usually depends on what type of holiday it is, but as a basic kit to put together I always take a few essentials.

  • A probiotic helps keep the the good gut bugs healthy, boosts the immune system and can help the gut cope a bit better with the change of diet. I usually choose one that has multiple bacteria strains and has Saccharomyces boulardii added in which is a type of yeast that can help to prevent traveller's diarrhoea.

  • An Adrenal/Immune tonic. I usually take one supplement that everyone in the family can take, that helps with both stress support and the immune system. A busy holiday and air travel can stress the nervous system which can lead to a poor immune system and you don’t want colds etc on your trip. A good quality multivitamin can suffice especially if the diet will not be great whilst away otherwise a B vitamin with herbal Withania and Astragalus.

  • Essential Oils - I always have my oils. I only take a select few when travelling but always Thieves spray (immune support, anti-bacterial, throat spray), Lavender (bites, stings, stress, burns), Peppermint (digestive support, travel sickness, blocked nose and a cup of peppermint tea) and my Peace and Calming (sleep support, flight nerves)

  • Arnica is a homeopathic used for injury, muscle pain and even can help with recovery of concussion especially if your holiday involves some extreme sports.

  • Magnesium cream or oil is my new friend. I have one that has added Arnica and Lavender. This will get used every evening before bed to help with the aches and pains of the days walking or workout. It can also help with sleep for those people who have trouble sleeping when travelling.

  • Rescue remedy or Emergency essence are both flower essences that helps with general stress, anxiety and trauma. Used for fear of flying or trying something new and can help calm the mind before sleep after a full on day. Especially good for small children that get quite over whelmed with new places and full days.

  • Traumeel cream or a sports gel that contain pain relieving, inflammation reducing and healing properties. Definitely helpful in getting the body back to a good place to keep up your activity’s of choice. I also pack strapping tape/rock tape. This often comes in handy to keep joints stable or help the old age knees cope with keeping up with the kids. This will help to prevent injury if you have weakened areas that need stability.

  • Colloidal silver is in liquid form so not the best for travel but it is so versatile that I manage to bubble wrap a bottle and place in a plastic sealed bag in middle of the case. Can be used for cuts and grazes externally, as a sinus or eye rinse for any irritations, taken internally for sore throats and stomach upsets.

I hope you enjoy what ever you are doing on your holidays whether it is a camping trip in the bush, relaxing by a pool or hitting the snow slopes.

In health and happiness


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