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Winter is Coming....

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

In the Winter months our immune system often needs some extra support and with the added stress of virus talk we need to support not only our immune system but also our nervous system. Having a first aid kit that looks beyond just the bandaids and panadol can be helpful for the colder months.

Sleep & Rest - Make sure you and the family are getting adequate sleep. Even one nights poor sleep can lower immune function making you more susceptible to catching whatever is going around. If you are unwell rest as feeling fatigued is the bodies way of telling you to slow down so the body can do what it needs to do, fight the bugs.

Vitamin C - Adequate Vitamin C is essential for adrenal health as well as a good functioning immune system. Being water soluble it is best in divided doses throughout the day. Most people can tolerate 5000mg per day and this is ideal if you have caught a nasty bug, but as a preventative 1000mg is sufficient. It is great in combination with Zinc as both have been shown to increase recovery rates and as prevention.

Mushrooms Medicinal - Mushroom are used to improve both immunity, improve energy and support quicker recovery from illness. Shitake mushrooms added to soups during illness or mushroom tinctures and powders can be added to foods or drinks.

Essential Oils - can be used in a diffuser, sprayed throughout the home or used topically. Many of our essential oils are anti-bacteria and anti-viral and are so easy to use. Tea-tree, oregano, thyme, lemon and eucalyptus are not overly expensive and can be used daily.

Vitamin D - is essential for a healthy immune system. Many people are low in Vitamin D due to long hours working indoors, over use of sunscreens, lack of sunlight or poor conversion into its active form. A blood test is the best way to see if there is a deficiency. In addition, foods rich in vitamin D include wild-caught fatty fish and pasture-raised (organic) eggs.

Healthy Eating - A diet that is full of whole foods, bright coloured fruit and vegetables and reducing all processed foods and sugar. High sugar and processed foods are devoid of nutritional value and increase inflammation which leads to poor immune function. Add garlic, onions, tumeric and ginger to foods.

Also don't forget raw or manuka honey and lemon tea to soothe that sore throat.

Gut Health - Constant communication and signalling exists between these gut microbes and immune cells, with microbes providing specific cues to the immune system. Due to our immune system being dependent on a healthy gut, a immune specific probiotic can be helpful to improve immunity. Adding pre-biotics into the diet such as wholegrains, fruit & vegetables along with fermented foods can increase the efficiency of the gut to help build a healthy immune system

Elderberry, Echinacea, & Andrograhis

These herbs are herbs traditionally used in acute infections, decreasing fever, reducing cough and having anti-viral properties to them to help decrease the viral load and spread which will overall help in recovery and prevention.

In health & happiness,


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