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2021 here we come !

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

A new habit is thought to take 21 days to be formed. This may be the case for some people but others it may actually be longer and just because you have a few days that you may miss that gym class or not eat those veggies doesn't mean you give up and can't get back on track.

1. Increase the water you drink each day. 2 L per day is best and you can add some lemon, herbs or make an iced herbal tea to drink through the day. Filtered water is better than tap and if you are takine water with you everywhere avoid plastic where possible. You may look to reduce your coffee by replacing it with herbal tea in the afternoon or a coffee alternative.

2. Start eating a healthy nourishing breakfast each day. This may be first thing on waking or you may start doing intermittent fasting for health and have your breakfast at 10am, but it is great for energy through the day to eat a nourishing meal to fuel to body. A smoothie is a great way to go if you are in a hurry and eat at work or on the go.

3. Cut down on the naughty stuff - alcohol, coffee, chocolate, lollies, potato chips or whatever you crave that tends to make you feel worse. Drink a big glass of water whenever you have one of these cravings or find healthy alternatives to these foods and drinks. If cutting them out completely seems daunting then allow yourself only 1-2 days per week that you indulge yourself (in moderation).

4. Make sure you have 2 big handful of leafy greens and vegetables with each main meal. Remember to eat a rainbow of colour each day for all the phyto-nutrients your body needs.

5. Exercise for the body and mind 30mins each day - find something you like to do walking, yoga, step class, hiking or whatever it is keep the body moving. If you hate a certain form of exercise it will not be sustainable long term. Start out slowly if you haven't done exercise in a while (or ever) and for some people that are really drained physically and emotionally exercise in the form of walking, yoga or pilates may be best to start with.

6. Spend quality time with those you love, this may be friends, family or your puppy dog - put the devices away and spend time outdoors or getting the old board games or puzzles out for relaxing fun.

7. Start taking care of you - start dealing with any health issues you may have - insomnia, hormone imbalances, fatigue, skin issues or stress. If you are not feeling optimal physically it will always be harder to implement change such as exercise. Make time for a massage, chiropractic treatments or even a facial if this is something that makes you feel better.

8. Look at what products you use in the home and on the body. Your resolution may be to reduce waste and chemicals in the home. Change your deodorant to aluminium free, start to reduce plastic use in the home, replacing cleaning products to those that are eco-friendly as they run out or buying less processed foods. All the small changes can make a big difference long term.

So, write a list of the achievable resolutions you are going to make and place it on the fridge or bathroom mirror as a reminder each day. If you need any help in getting things started send me a message so we can help you to feel great this year. Happy New Year !

In health and happiness


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