Itchy & Scratchy

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Is your itchy skin driving you crazy? Do you know why your scratching?

Scratching is a natural response to itch and not only does it take away the itch it can be quite rewarding. It often becomes a habit that your not even aware your doing it. This ends in an itch-scratch-rash cycle that can lead to damaged, dry and flaking skin that is inflamed. Inflammatory chemicals are released which increases the itch further. In extreme cases open, deep scratch wounds can occur which may lead to an infection. It can even lead to thickening of the skin and pain.

So what to do?

  • Find something to take your mind off the itch or sit on your hands.

  • Use a cool cloth to take out the heat and decrease the itch. A wash cloth with an ice pack next to the bed at night is invaluable to calm the itch at night.

  • Moisturise to prevent the skin drying out which may lead to an increase in itch.

  • Avoid hot showers that increases heat to the skin and increases the itching, especially after bathing. Some people find Epson salt or oat baths soothing but sitting in a bath for long periods of time can lead to dehydration.

  • Keep nails short and rub the skin rather than scratch to prevent bleeding & infection. In children sleeping with silk mitts is a good idea.

If these tips are not getting the itch under control then you may need some extra support in the form of herbs or nutrients.

In health & happiness,


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