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Keeping healthy this Silly Season

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Just because it is Christmas it does not mean that we should forget the healthy way of living.

It is still possible to eat and drink in a healthy nourishing way whilst enjoying the festivities. Maintaining a healthy way of living around Christmas means that we don't put on those Christmas kilos and we do not need to succumb to all the detox in January hype and the New years resolution rubbish.

Some great ideas include -

Linseed crackers for the healthy oils, fibre and nutrition. These you can add as little or much seasoning as you like. Add some chilli flakes for some kick, rosemary and thyme for a herb twist or savoury yeast flakes for a cheesy flavour.

Nourishing dips to fill us up with all the good stuff and great to eat with the crackers such as Beetroot Dip or Garlicy Hommus

Hydrating fruit - make a fruit cake with fresh fruit that you can snack on in the afternoon instead of all those chocolates and crackers.

Gut friendly cakes - using recipes that include almond meal, coconut flour or spelt flour as alternatives to white wheat flour can lessen the bloat in those that are gluten intolerant. Using less refined sugar such as maple syrup, coconut sugar or rapadura sugar can decrease the calorie load and the sugar buzz. Using less of the dried fruit and substitute some of it for seeds, goji berries or sour cherries can decrease the sugar as well.

Meat free options - making vegetables the priority can help to keep use full but with more nutritious options. Stuffed pumpkin, maple carrots big salads and nutritious grains can be just as filling as all that roast pork and ham.

Rainbow salads - don't just rely on the old garden salad. Mix it up with some colour, find a new vegetable or green you have never used before, add colour with pomegranate seeds or some crunch with toasted nuts.

All recipes are available on the website

In health & happiness,


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